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Time is one of the most valuable assets in identifying and diagnosing illnesses and other issues.

If caught in time, with medicine as advanced as it is, people now stand much more of a chance of making a full recovery or living their lives relatively pain free.

Obviously, the sooner illnesses can be diagnosed, the earlier doctors and nurses can start the treatment.

If for any reason the treatment is delayed, this can lead to irreversible complications and health issues that are a lot more serious than first anticipated.

In these circumstances there are a few people who may have been negligent towards you. It could have been your GP who failed to diagnose or delayed your treatment, or the negligence may lie with hospital staff such as a specialist or the assisting medical team.


You may be able to claim:

  • If illness spreads to another part of your body without being detected
  • If delayed treatment causes your illness to be terminal
  • If you are in more pain, or your symptoms worsen as a result of the delay
  • If your health deteriorates significantly because of the delay in treatment
  • If you develop a more serious condition


So, if you’re looking for professional legal advice around delayed treatment compensation, or a negligent delay in surgery, our team at Patient Claim Line will be able to assist.


Claiming for delayed treatment

Receiving much needed medical treatment can be a daunting experience. The treatment itself may take time to become effective, and this can take its toll on you both physically and mentally. When that treatment is delayed, your condition could worsen as a result of the additional wait time; and the distress of this can also impact your wellbeing. When this happens as a result of negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you have suffered a delay in treatment, or diagnosis, we can help you assess whether you have the right to make a claim. Your compensation values will help to assist your recovery time and take care of any future care or treatments that are needed on a private basis.


Making an NHS delay claim

We fully appreciate that making an NHS delay claim can be a daunting prospect. However, when this delay comes as a result of negligence and your health is directly affected as a result, pursuing a claim for delayed treatment compensation can be the right option for you.

This also applies to seeking justice following delays to any surgical procedures that have impacted your long-term health.

Patient Claim Line has an excellent track-record at holding negligent medical professionals to account.

If you are indeed looking to pursue your NHS delay claim, you can take our simple 10-second claim test here or call our number below to discuss your concerns with a medical negligence expert.


Delay in surgery claims

A delay in surgery is something you would never want to experience. There’s an incredible amount of emotion beforehand to come to terms with, and that’s even before you have entered the operating theatre.

At Patient Claim Line, the process of making a delay in surgery claim is quick and easy.

Our trained medical negligence solicitors will do investigate your claim for you, once we have the relevant dates and consultation information from you. We are committed to bringing you the best service we possibly can, and it does not cost a penny to find out whether you have a claim or not.

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