NHS Negligence Claims

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NHS Negligence Claims

As one of the largest and oldest national, publicly-funded institutions for medical care, the National Health Service (NHS) plays a significant role in treating millions of patients each year. The premise behind the establishment of NHS was the need for quality healthcare made available to everyone in England. However, the growing patient population puts pressure on NHS trusts each year, and the medical care received is not always the best it can be.

Individuals trust the NHS to provide medical care for an array of health needs, including routine screenings, treatments for mild to severe long-term conditions, emergency services, end-of-life care, surgeries, and prescriptions. Given the breadth of care services offered at NHS trusts, it is not surprising that things can – and do – go wrong. Unfortunately, the sheer size of the NHS makes it difficult to get answers to your questions when poor-quality care results in devastating outcomes. One of the few ways to get justice for caused by poor care provided through NHS is to make a claim against the NHS. We’re here to help with that process.

Types of NHS Negligence Claims

Because NHS trusts offer such a variety of services to patients, there are countless areas where NHS negligence can take place. We work with a staggering number of NHS compensation claims on any given day, with the most common areas where things go awry including:

  • Surgical negligence
  • Errors in prescriptions
  • Incorrect medical advice
  • NHS misdiagnosis
  • NHS never events (serious medical errors, such as wrong site surgery, that are completely preventable)
  • OBG negligence

Every NHS negligence claim is different, but chances are we have worked with an individual who went through a similar situation to yours and decided to sue the NHS. The important thing to remember is that even though it may seem daunting to bring a claim against NHS for any one of these common claim types, you have resources through Patient Claim Line to receive the compensation you need and deserve.

Who pays for NHS Negligence claims?

In 2015 alone, the NHS Litigation Authority spent £1.4bn on medical negligence claims, and the numbers are predicted to continue climbing in years to come unless some reforms are put in place. The significant amount of money spent for NHS compensation claims is linked to pressure on the staff and doctors providing medical care which ultimately leads to lower-quality service. Although the NHS negligence bill continues to climb, you have no financial risk in bringing a claim against the NHS. That’s because we work on a no win, no fee basis from the start.

These costs can and typically do include compensation for pain and suffering experienced by you or a loved one, ongoing treatment required to restore the quality of life after an error in treatment, NHS misdiagnosis or NHS never event, out-of-pocket expenses like lost earnings, and the costs associated with medical equipment needed at home. These expenses, which are all-too-common when NHS negligence has taken place, ultimately take away from the quality of care provided to patients who enter NHS doors.

What can I expect when I make a Claim?

One of the most frustrating aspects of determining whether to sue the NHS for negligence boils down to not having open and honest communication with the NHS or the doctors who treated you. There are instances when the NHS does not fully own up to mistakes made in a negligence case, making it difficult to understand what took place and the best steps to take moving forward.

When you make a claim, we work with you to get not only the compensation you deserve, but also the answers you need as to why the issue occurred within NHS and who is responsible.

As soon as you realise you or a loved one has experienced the negative effects of an NHS misdiagnosis, NHS never events, or other NHS negligence, it is in your best interest to reach out to us for guidance on how to move forward with your claim against the NHS. There is a three-year time limit on making a claim to get you the compensation you need.

Our Experience of Covering NHS Claims

We have worked with the complex nature of NHS negligence claims for years, and currently, we manage one in every 10 claims throughout the country. Because we work on a no win, no fee basis – meaning there is no financial risk to you or your family – you and your loved ones have the opportunity to get the answers you need about your experience with poor-quality care in a simple, straightforward way.We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality when working any medical claim, and we know how to get you and your family justice for NHS negligence.

Information We Need to Start Your NHS Compensation Claim

Our claims process begins with the submission of an online contact form, a simple phone call to one of our medical negligence specialists or by taking our simple 30 second claims test.The Patient Claim Line team is expertly trained to ask the right questions while maintaining your confidentiality and easing some of your concerns. Once you are in contact with a claims specialist, we take the time to listen intently to what took place with your NHS experience, and we then determine if you have cause to sue the NHS.

We will also need to know what you or your loved one experienced, adding information about when the incident occurred, what took place, and if you took any steps to rectify the issue on your own or at the request of the NHS. All of this information is pertinent to your claim against the NHS and will help us negotiate for you in terms of compensation. Whether you suffered from misdiagnosis, incorrect medical advice, or a more severe NHS never event, we have the experience to turn your claim against the NHS into compensation to help ease your suffering due to NHS negligence.

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