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As the number of dental practitioners decreases, you may have been unable to access routine or emergency care. And, if mistakes are made during dental treatment, you could find yourself facing extensive corrective treatment that is not only painful, but also extremely expensive if the dentist in question does not accept the mistake or offer to put things right.

Mistakes are made both by NHS dentists and private dentists. Both have the same duty to you as the patient. 

The law defines negligence as a breach of duty of care that results in damage. If you have been the victim of a mistake during treatment with either a private or NHS dentist, you may be looking for a specialist dental negligence solicitor to investigate the matter on your behalf and ensure you get the right compensation. This is where Patient Claim Line can help.

If you are left in pain due to dental negligence, either private or under the NHS, first and foremost you may be entitled to compensation for that unnecessary period of suffering. However, if the dentist will not admit that the mistake was made, then you could be left either with longer term pain, problems with the appearance of your teeth, or the possibility of having to pay privately to put things right.

13.4% of people now think they can’t get an NHS dentist appointment. At Patient Claim Line, we believe everyone is entitled to responsive and fair dental treatment, and can look into your claim for delayed or misdiagnosed dental care’.


The amount of compensation you receive for dental negligence will vary according to your individual case.

At Patient Claim Line, we use specialist dental reports to understand what went wrong and what needs to be done to put things right. To calculate your dental negligence compensation we will include the cost of any corrective treatment as part of your claim. In addition, we will ensure you receive the maximum level of compensation to account for your pain, suffering and any impact the error has had on your day to day life.


19 million fewer treatments were offered in England between March and October in 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. Such delays can cause unnecessary suffering and irreparable damage.

As specialist medical negligence solicitors, Patient Claim Line regularly handle a whole host of dental negligence claims, but some of the most common examples that we deal with include:

  • Negligence claims due to careless work
  • Negligence claims due to incorrect or inadequate work
  • Negligence claims due to misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis
  • Extraction of wrong tooth, failed dental procedure, poor dental treatment, failure to provide treatment plan, or dentist failed diagnosis
  • Dental infection, failure to take adequate radiology, failure to remove unintended foreign objects during treatment, or failure to give preventative advice and oral hygiene


Coronavirus has undoubtedly had a serious impact on our health services, and that includes dental services, with reports that patients could be waiting up to three years for dental treatment following the pandemic. In a bid to improve the situation, dentists have been ordered to reach 45% of their pre-pandemic levels.

Since the start of the pandemic, many patients have faced long delays for dental treatment. This can lead to a worsening of symptoms, pain, and in some cases, it can have a lasting impact on your health.

In cases such as these, you could be entitled to compensation relative to your suffering. When avoidable pain, injury or a worsening of your condition occurs due to unnecessary delays, this can be a traumatic experience – speak to our specialist medical negligence solicitors today to discuss your case.


Every dentist, whether working under the NHS or being paid privately, has a duty to perform the right and proper dental procedures. If you believe that your dentist has been negligent towards you and you are left with pain and/or treatment costs, you may be entitled to compensation and to recover those treatment costs. Some evidence suggests tooth decay is higher in the North than the South, but wherever you are in the UK, Patient Claim Line can help.

At Patient Claim Line, we’re not only dental solicitors, we’re medical negligence experts too. We specialise in getting the right compensation for medical negligence victims, and have many years of experience handing dental negligence claims. Get in touch for a no obligation conversation with our expert team.

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