Delay Or Failure To Refer For Specialist Treatment

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Delay or failure to refer for specialist treatment

When we attend an appointment to see our GP, we usually assume that our ailments will be minor and that the GP will be able to prescribe a remedy. However, the first appointment at the GP can sometimes uncover more serious problems which require the attention of a specialist in the field. This may be a condition that is out of the area of expertise of the GP and therefore you will need to be referred. Failure to refer a patient when they require specialist treatment can have severe consequences on their future health and could result in further health issues or the condition worsening when it could have been treated.

If you feel that your GP has either delayed referral or failed to refer you and this has led to further complications, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim.

Incidents in which you may be able to make a claim include:

  • Delay in referral to a specialist
  • Delay in the right treatment being carried out
  • Unnecessary delay in treatment
  • Failure to recognise the need for treatment of a specialist nature

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