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Periodontal disease – also known as periodontitis or gum disease, is a condition where your gums become sore, swollen or infected. Gum disease is very common and will affect most people at some point. It can usually be treated effectively if it’s detected early on.

Your dentist should be able to diagnose gum disease, or the early stages of gum disease (known as gingivitis), by examining the health of your gums at your check-up. If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to complications, some of which can be very serious. You may also need referring to a specialist Periodontist.

If your gum disease has been missed due to dental negligence, we can help you make a claim for compensation.

Types of periodontal claims we help with

We’ve helped people with a range of periodontal negligence claims, including:
• Failure to diagnose periodontal disease
• A delay in the diagnosis of gum disease
• Failure to treat your condition
• If necessary, a failure to refer you for specialist treatment for your gum disease

How might you be affected by periodontal negligence?

If your gum disease has been missed or misdiagnosed, you might suffer unnecessary pain. You might need more treatment and, in some circumstances,, you might lose teeth due to periodontal negligence.

Gum disease can affect multiple teeth and can lead to the loss of multiple teeth. If not diagnosed and treated quick enough, a patient might need extensive and expensive dental treatment. If teeth are lost, consideration may also be needed for a tooth implant, something which is again a very costly procedure.

Am I eligible to claim for dental negligence if my gum disease was undiagnosed?

When you visit the dentist, you expect a certain standard of care. And whether you are receiving NHS or private treatment, your dental team has a duty to provide you with safe and adequate treatment by law.

If you think you have received negligent dental treatment relating to gum disease, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

How our legal team can offer support

Making a claim against your dentist can feel overwhelming, but Patient Claim Line will guide you through the process. As one of the UK’s most respected solicitors specialising in dental claims, we not only have the legal expertise in house, but we also have several high-profile contacts in the medical profession too.

We understand that this can be a very upsetting and traumatic time, especially if you have lost teeth or will do so. Our team of specialist lawyers have over thirty years of experience in claims involving dental negligence, and we’ll make sure that your case is handled with the utmost empathy and respect. We will take the stress out of bringing a claim and help you towards the resolution you deserve.

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Rikki has experience in all stages of file handling, from taking initial enquiries, through to valuing and settling claims alongside our team’s senior solicitors.

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