Extracted Wrong Tooth Claims

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A lot of people despise going to the dentist, and when something goes wrong, worst fears can be realised. It is a rarely a pleasant experience, but regular check-ups can usually minimise the work that may need to be done and identify any issues early to prevent things getting worse. When serious dental work needs to be undertaken, such as root canal work, extraction and fillings it is essential to feel comfortable in the abilities of the dental professional conducting the procedure.

Human errors are bound to be made, even as dental work is becoming more safe and effective, but if you have suffered at the hands of a negligent dentist then you may be able to claim. Dentists are fully trained professionals who have a duty of care to you to the best of their ability.

You may be able to claim for:

  • Wrongful administration of anaesthetic or being administered to the wrong area
  • Unnecessary removal of additional tooth or teeth
  • Residual problems with affected area after extraction including infection
  • Prolonged persistent pain and or swelling in the area and difficulty performing tasks such as eating and talking


What if a dentist pulls the wrong tooth? Can you claim?

The removal of a bad tooth can be an incredibly painful experience at the best of times. However, if you have gone through a procedure involving an incorrect tooth extraction, it is likely that your recovery will be impacted.

If a dentist does pull or fill the wrong tooth, there will likely be additional procedures required to put this right and you may suffer additional pain and treatment costs that could have been avoided.

As well as the physical trauma and pain of this experience, there’s the added anxiety of hoping this doesn’t happen to you, or anyone else ever again.

If your dentist has extracted the wrong tooth, our medical negligence team are ready to take your call. When seeking compensation, it is important to work with a specialist dental negligence solicitor, capable of guiding you through the claims process.


Wrongful administration of anaesthetic

If you have received the incorrect administration of anaesthetic which has had a detrimental impact on you, Patient Claim Line can assist you in your claim.

When your dentist extracts the wrong tooth, you are exposed to an administration of anaesthetic that could have been avoided. There may be wider impacts of this exposure; such as additional pain, discomfort and the anxiety of having to experience the procedure a second time. And when this is the case, all these impacts are fully considered when processing your claim.

To put your mind at ease, should your dental claim provide evidence that there was a negligent or wrong amount of anaesthetic used, we will work tirelessly to deliver you the compensation you deserve.

When it comes to medical negligence claims, Patient Claim Line are one of the UK’s leading firms. We are here to help you every step of the way and will not give up until we feel we have done everything in our capacity to help you with your claim.

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