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Our faces are often the most defining feature of our appearance. People undergo face surgery for a number of reasons; it could be to remedy a birth defect, to defy the aging process or just to give themselves a confidence boost. Whether it’s a nose job, facelift, eyelift or something entirely different, where can you turn to when that surgery did not go to plan and you didn’t receive the result you expected? Here at Patient Claim Line we are here to help if for any reason you feel that the surgeon carrying out your face surgery procedure has been negligent and we can take control of your case – leaving you to focus on your recovery.

You may be able to claim in the event of:

  • Unnecessary scarring
  • Infections to the area
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Excess skin removed resulting in loss of function to the area
  • Disfiguration
  • Nerve damage
  • Persistent localised pain


With medical negligence, every case is different and this list is not exhaustive. Our specialised cosmetic claims lawyers will be on hand ready to review your individual case if you decide to proceed. It costs absolutely nothing to find out whether you have a case and you may also be able to claim for other expenses incurred by the negligent treatment such as loss of earnings and medical expenses putting the problem right.

Making a claim for negligent face surgery

Our specialist cosmetic surgery solicitors understand the physical and the psychological impact of negligent facial surgery. When your surgeon has performed your procedure without the expected due diligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation for your distress. When a cosmetic procedure on your face; such as rhinoplasty, a face lift or jaw augmentation goes wrong, there are many wide reaching implications.

You may suffer long-lasting pain as a result of the negligent cosmetic surgery, or you may have to have further surgeries to repair the damage caused by the original procedure. You may also find deeper, psychological impacts of the surgery. The procedure may have caused disfigurement that affects your confidence. It may also lead to anxiety or panic attacks, if the procedure was particularly traumatic. All of these implications will count towards your compensation claim for negligent face surgery.

At Patient Claim Line, we are specialist solicitors and medical experts too. Our team can take the stress and complication out of the claims process, by guiding you through the process at all times.

Throughout your face surgery claim, we will be with you every step every way. Get in touch now and we will endeavour to put this right together.

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Rikki Spofforth
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Rikki has experience in all stages of file handling, from taking initial enquiries, through to valuing and settling claims alongside our team’s senior solicitors.

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