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If you would like to make a claim following a negligent breast enlargement, reduction or lift procedure, our specialist solicitors can help. When you put your trust in a cosmetic surgeon for a breast augmentation, you are entitled to feel significantly more confident about your body coming out of surgery than when you went in. When this does not happen as a result of negligent action, you may be looking for independent advice.

Recovery times following breast surgery can be extensive even when the procedure has gone to plan, but if you feel that the operation was not a success and you did not receive the procedure you were expecting – this could be down to negligent care.

If the surgeon has made a mistake and an error has been made, or perhaps things weren’t explained to you properly, we help you claim the compensation you deserve along, with reimbursing the costs associated in putting the procedure right again.

At Patient Claim Line, our specialist cosmetic claim lawyers have probably seen every possible outcome to a cosmetic procedure – so don’t be afraid to give us a call. We are not only experienced lawyers, we’re medical experts too – and our specialism in medical negligence allows us to fight for justice on your behalf.

Obviously in cosmetic cases (as with medical negligence in general) every case is different and what you could claim for depends on how severe the error is and how it has affected your life.

Claims may include:

  • Deflation, excessive swelling and leakages
  • Allergic reactions not previously tested for
  • Infection to the breast and/or surrounding areas
  • Unnecessary or avoidable scarring
  • Persistent pain local to the breast area
  • Nerve damage

Making a breast enlargement claim

Alongside being able to claim for the physical aspects of your surgery, you may also be able to claim for loss of income if you are unable to perform your job because of the negligence suffered. Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs will also be considered in your case.

When you put your trust in a cosmetic surgeon for a breast enlargement procedure, there is a due diligence to ensure that the outcome of your surgery is to the highest possible standard. Where this is not adhered to because of a negligent action, you may be entitled claim compensation.

You may also be able to claim for the psychological trauma incurred because of the procedure being performed inadequately. Cosmetic surgery is often considered by the patient to boost self-confidence and achieve a more positive outlook on your physical appearance. If that has not been the case, call us today to find out if we can get your life – and confidence – back on track.

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Rikki Spofforth
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Rikki is a Litigation Executive at Patient Claim Line. Having joined the company in 2014, Rikki joined the Medical Negligence team a year later, and recently started his Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship.

Rikki has experience in all stages of file handling, from taking initial enquiries, through to valuing and settling claims alongside our team’s senior solicitors.

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