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If you have experienced negligence whilst under the care of a midwife, we completely understand that you will have experienced some trauma. Not only are we the UK’s top-rated medical negligence specialists with vast experience handling claims around pregnancy and birth injuries, but many of our specialist lawyers are parents just like you.

A claim against a midwife can be any situation where a midwife’s actions, or inactions, either before or during a pregnancy, has led to negligence or injury.

Furthermore, a midwife negligence claim can also include failures to deliver sufficient aftercare to both mother and child, or in recognition that there was insufficient management of the birth, such as a critical or lifelong genetic condition being missed.

Midwives perform a valuable role when assisting to deliver your baby, and often do a difficult job in trying circumstances.

However, when mistakes happen, or there is mismanagement in the lead up to a birth, this can sadly result in unnecessary pain or injury.

Here, we can help you understand if you’re eligible to make a compensation claim against a midwife, how you can do so, and determine when midwife negligence can sometimes occur.

Making a Claim for Midwife Negligence

When it comes to determining midwife negligence, we have both the medical knowledge and legal rigour to oversee complex examples.

We fully appreciate why you may be looking for immediate legal support with your midwife negligence compensation claim, so we have outlined some of the most common cases that our midwife negligence specialists have taken on, either before, during or in the aftercare of a birth.

  • Miscarriage: Unfortunately, there are many reasons why a miscarriage might happen e.g. a first-time pregnancy caused by problems to the unborn baby – about three in every four miscarriages happen during this period.
  • Brain injuries: Often, brain injuries such as brain damage or Cerebral Palsy are the result of what’s known as an acquired or traumatic brain injury. Such an example may be if a midwife uses physical force from the outside, such as forceps striking or placing pressure on the baby’s head.
  • Birth defects: A birth defect often develops when the baby is still in the womb and they are associated with negligent management of a birth from a midwife. These concerns should ideally be picked up on ultrasound scans to ensure that any suitable treatment is commenced as soon as possible.
  • Structural Birth Defect: Where a baby is born with a missing body part, with common examples of structural defects relating to the heart or a congenital hip dislocation.
  • Metabolic Birth Defect: This is where the baby is born with a defect relating to the body’s chemistry and can impact the child’s ability to digest and process vital foods.
  • Missed diagnosis during pregnancy: A missed diagnosis to your baby, or indeed to mum, very much forms part and parcel of a midwife negligence case.
  • Aftercare following the birth: There is a duty of care that all midwives need to be accountable to when it comes to the aftercare of both mother and baby.

Up until the first three weeks of the child’s life, the midwife needs to monitor the health of both mum and child, whether that’s before hospital discharge or after discharge whilst being cared for by community midwives.

Why choose Patient Claim Line to pursue your case against a midwife?

At Patient Claim Line, we’re not just medical negligent lawyers; most of us are parents ourselves.
That means we’ve been through an awful lot as individuals too, and we have experienced a great deal, or at least experienced in one way or another, claims relating to midwife negligence.

It’s in our core values to demonstrate empathy and unwavering human care, and we’ll work with those who can make a difference, including medical experts, so we’re better equipped to advise you on how to push forward with your claim against a midwife.

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