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When a GP prescribes a certain medication, most people visit a pharmacy to collect that medication, armed with their prescription for the selected tablets or medicine that will hopefully help improve their symptoms. On rare occasions, a patient might be given the wrong medication due to pharmacy errors, and this can have serious and lasting consequences.

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On the face of it, dispensing medication at a pharmacy should be relatively straightforward. However, sometimes, mistakes at the pharmacy can be made which can end up being rather serious, leading to a range of potential side effects and problems from taking improper medicines. Perhaps worse still, is that a wrong prescription not only means taking medication not intended for you, but that you won’t be receiving and taking the medication which was prescribed to help your symptoms. This can mean your condition getting worse, when it should be getting better. What started off as simple human error can and often does have quite serious implications. If your condition worsens as a result of a prescription error, or from side effects of incorrect medication, then this can cause pain, suffering and may result in time off work, which itself may have financial implications.



How can we help?


Taking on any medical organisation can seem daunting and difficult, especially as many pharmacies are large chains and well-known brands and companies. It’s easy to feel a little intimidated.


At Patient Claim Line, we are not worried about taking on any organisation that has been negligent, regardless of who they are or the size of the company. Chances are we have taken them on before. If any person or company has been negligent in their actions, you have the right to make a claim. We will take them to task and ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.


We have supported many people who have suffered following a pharmaceutical mistake. Here, you can read about how a patient was given the wrong medication, which resulted in a hospitalisation and a further six months of avoidable pain and suffering.


What can I claim against a pharmacy for?


When it comes to making a compensation claim following a pharmacy error, there are a number of things you could claim for, including:


  • Incorrect mixing of a prescription medication
  • Dispensing the wrong prescription
  • Dispensing an incorrect dose of a medication
  • Using damaged ingredients within the prescription
  • Giving incorrect instructions on the use of prescription medication
  • Incorrect labelling of a prescription
  • Vaccination error – where a flu jab, or other vaccination, has been given in the incorrect site of the arm

Am I eligible to make a claim?


Pharmacists are fully-qualified, trained professionals. They are responsible for providing you with the correct medication. They and the company have a duty to ensure this is done correctly. If you have been left suffering from symptoms either as a result of taking the wrong medication, or not being able to take your correct medication, then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.


Patient Claim Line is here to advise you on this.


The best thing to do is get in touch with us and we will be able to advise you very quickly whether or not there is a claim. It costs you nothing to find out if you have a case, and all our claims are dealt with by specialist medical negligence solicitors, on a strictly no win no fee basis.


What is a pharmacy error?


Broadly speaking, a pharmacy error is when a pharmacist makes a mistake when prescribing, dispensing, or administrating medication that leads to adverse consequences to the patient. These errors can include prescribing the wrong dosage or quantity, mixing up prescriptions and even prescribing a contraindicated drug.


What happens if a pharmacy gives you the wrong medication in the UK?


The role of a pharmacist is an important part of your treatment process. As medical professionals, they should ensure that you are getting the best possible treatment while under their supervision and they have a duty of care to ensure that you are at least treated to a reasonable standard. This means that if there has been a dispensing error and you have been given the wrong medication by your pharmacy, then you could make a claim for compensation. Receiving the wrong medication may result in your initial condition going untreated, while the new medication could have a negative impact on your health.


How do pharmacy claims work?


When your GP prescribes you a certain medication, in most cases you will need to visit a pharmacy to collect it. While this process is often straightforward and most patients receive the correct prescription, there are instances where negligence can occur and patients suffer due to pharmacy and prescription errors. This can not only result in patients not receiving the treatment they require, but it can also lead to permanent long term damage. If you have suffered avoidable harm due to a pharmacy error, then you could be entitled to make a claim.


How much compensation could I get for a pharmacy claim?


If you’ve been the victim of a pharmacy error, the amount of compensation you can claim will be made up of several elements. Things such as general health damages, medical expenses, care costs and loss of earnings are all taken into consideration, while the severity of your condition will also have an impact. For a more accurate estimate, speak to a member of our legal team. Together, we can identify the severity of your claim and get you the compensation you’re entitled to.

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Why Choose Patient Claim Line for your Pharmacy Claim?

Not just lawyers — medical negligence experts

Patient Claim Line was established in 2014 and consists of a team of medical lawyers specialising in cancer negligence and general medical negligence claims.

At Patient Claim Line we have more than 100 solicitors with a combined experience of over 400 years and they will work on your behalf to achieve the best result possible for you.

It’s not enough to use a solicitor who sometimes covers medical negligence. You need someone who knows this area through and through. That is what the solicitors here at Patient Claim Line do. They deal exclusively in this area of law and are experts in the field.

Frequently asked questions about Pharmacy Claims

Our expert legal team answer your questions about making a Pharmacy Claim

If you are making a pharmacy negligence claim, you will likely require evidence of what happened to you, and that this was a result of pharmaceutical negligence. An example of the evidence required could be a prescription or packaging of a product. This may help us to establish if the that the wrong drug or dosage was given to you.

To make a pharmacy negligence claim, it is important to seek legal advice within three years. The three years will begin from when you are given the incorrect medicine or advice from a pharmacist, or from when your injuries or illness were diagnosed as a result of the pharmaceutical error. In cases involving anyone under 18, the legal case must be pursued within three years from the date of their 18th birthday. It is important to seek this legal advice within the three-year window as you may miss out on compensation you may be entitled to.

In our experience, pharmacy negligence claims can take between 18 and 24 months. This timeframe may have been longer than you were expecting, however this timescale accounts for the time it can take to gather all the evidence needed to build your cases, this can take several months.

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  • Case Study

    Robert's Story

    "You couldn’t ask for a better team"

    After his symptoms were misdiagnosed, Robert suffered a stroke affecting the left side of his body. He was in hospital for five weeks and had to attend physiotherapy for six months as part of his recovery.

    Our team secured a substantial compensation, which took into consideration the physical and mental impact of Robert’s misdiagnosis on him and his family.

    This enabled Robert’s wife to give up work as well as buy a bungalow together, making it easier for Robert, with his mobility problems. Robert is looking forward to going back to the music concerts and car shows he used to enjoy, as well as spending more time with family.