Wrong Site Surgery

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Wrong Site Surgery

Surgery is usually a necessary part of treatment in many cases. Surgery is often a delicate and intricate procedure and should always be carried out by a trained professional in the field. If the surgery does not receive the utmost care and attention it requires, things can go wrong and the results can be devastating.

Through a variety of issues, such as miscommunication or direct negligence of the professional, the wrong area of the body may be operated on and this can have direct consequences on the overall health of the patient.

You may be able to claim in the event of:

  • The unnecessary removal of an organ
  • General surgery in the wrong site
  • Further health complications arising from wrong site surgery
  • Existing symptoms worsening as a result of wrong site surgery
  • The wrong area of the body being operated on
  • Amputation of the wrong body part

We understand the devastation that medical negligence can have on your life. With many years of medical negligence cases under our belt, we will be able to quickly determine whether you have a case or not. With a professional and personal service, we are dedicated to getting you the answers and the compensation you deserve.

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