Failure To Remove Objects During Surgery

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Failure to Remove Unintended Foreign Objects During Surgery

Although the need for surgery has seen a rise in the last couple of years, for a variety of reasons, it also means that surgeons are becoming more skilled and practised in their chosen fields, technically allowing for less errors. However, mistakes during surgery do happen, and these kinds of mistakes can include a failure to remove foreign objects from your body. If you have been victim to this, and the mistake has caused direct harm to you, you may be entitled to compensation.

It can be very distressing to be told that further surgical procedures are required to rectify a mistake made during surgery. Naturally, we have come to expect a high level of care when it comes to surgical procedures, and expect that the procedure will result in a positive outcome. When this does not happen, it can be devastating for those affected.

In most instances, the person you would be looking to claim against would be the person who you feel has been negligent towards you. This may be the surgeon themselves, any assisting medical staff or the hospital trust. Proceeding with this claim is something that we can support you with, and handle all of the paperwork and investigation on your behalf.

The types of foreign objects that you may be able to make a claim for are:

  • Small cameras and other visual items
  • Operating tools
  • Tubes and other equipment
  • Swabs and other gauze type items

What to do when surgery is deemed negligent

Every surgeon has a duty of care to perform your surgery to the highest possible standards. When there is failure to remove foreign objects during a procedure, then the surgery could be deemed negligent and you may be entitled to compensation.

This type of negligent action can be incredibly distressing for those involved. Additional surgeries are required to rectify the mistake, and that means going under the knife for at least a second time. This comes with additional psychological impacts, as well as the added pressure on your body to withstand further procedures.

Complications from a failure to remove foreign objects include:

  • Further surgeries to rectify the mistake
  • Greater risk of infection and complications
  • Additional pressure on your body
  • Psychological damage caused by the distress

When something as distressing as this happens, it is important to work with a medical negligence expert who understands the intricate and complex world of medical law. We have many years of experience handling negligence cases and helping to bring about justice for those who need it most.

At Patient Claim Line, we understand the undue stress that cases of medical negligence can put on your life. We are here to take the stress out of making a claim and getting you back on track. Our team of highly qualified professionals are just a phone call away to fight on your behalf and get you a fair outcome.

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