Was it medical negligence, or just one of those things?

Is it right to make a claim against the NHS?

At Patient Claim Line, we are not here to bash the NHS, and most of the service it provides is very good. However, it is important to remember that the NHS does not have a lower duty of care because it is funded by the tax payer. If a mistake or error has occurred which is negligent, then it is your right to make a claim to put things right. You cannot rely on the hospital or doctors to admit that something has gone wrong, or to set things right. You can’t even rely on the regulators or the government, who are failing to be open about the problems, as recent headlines have shown. You can rely on our Medical Lawyers to take on these institutions and get to the truth.

In our opinion, making a claim where an error has occurred is a positive thing, not only to help you personally get your life back on track, but also to prevent the same thing happening to someone else. When you make a claim, the NHS has to examine what happened to you in your individual case, and report back to all hospitals and doctors and recommend how things can be improved to stop what happened to you or a loved one, happening again to someone else. That is part of their claims process. Only by making a claim can you be assured that the NHS has taken notice, and recommended changes to stop this happening again.

Any questions?

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