Compensation calculators: the truth

Arm injury: £???

  • Body calculators are for car accidents, where the injuries are much more predictable.
  • Medical Negligence is very wide ranging – there are thousands of ways that medical mistakes can happen.
  • For example, an arm injury could be a misdiagnosed fracture causing pain for 4 weeks or a badly performed operation causing loss of the use of the arm.
  • It is impossible to give a value just based on which part of the body was injured by the Medical Mistake.
  • It is always better to seek advice from a specialist – it costs nothing to call us for advice.

Why Compensation Calculators don't work for Medical Negligence

Compensation or ‘body’ calculators were designed for general personal injury claims (like road traffic accidents) to allow people to quickly see how much their claim may be worth. It does this by giving a range of values depending on the area of the body you click. Even in simple cases like road traffic accidents, the values can be very wide ranging.

Medical negligence is a complex area of law, which is why you need a specialist. Medical mistakes can happen in a wide variety of ways, meaning no two leg injuries would be the same. Also, medical mistakes can impact people in many different ways, including injuries to things like internal organs that would not show up on a body calculator. We would say that for a proper Medical Negligence specialist, it is impossible to give customers a value based just on clicking a body.

Instead, we always offer free advice to anyone who believes they have been affected by a medical mistake. We believe it is much better to give a specialist like us a call, and we can give you better advice on whether you have a case and any potential value, once we know more about you, and crucially, about what happened. While we cannot give you a valuation online, we can assure our customers that our dedicated medical legal team will ensure you get the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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