Was it medical negligence, or just one of those things?

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The value of choosing a legal apprenticeship over a law degree

Over the past few years, apprenticeships have gradually gained popularity as the public are beginning to recognise the benefits of this alternative career path. This is particularly true of those seeking a career in law. After finishing sixth form or…

Cancer misdiagnosis: what is it and how can I make a claim?

Cancer misdiagnosis is believed to be on the rise. According to an All Can report, 4 in 10 patients receive the wrong diagnosis before they are correctly diagnosed. Whilst the NHS reportedly completes two million urgent cancer tests a year, and the m…

Medical negligence cases on popular TV shows raise awareness of medical malpractice

TV programmes are often praised for their ability to shine a light on society and common issues. But new research from Patient Claim Line has discovered that popular TV storylines are also helping to raise awareness of medical malpractice. And it’s n…

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