NHS misdiagnosis claims

We've got your NHS misdiagnosis claim covered

What is the impact of NHS misdiagnosis?

The consequences of misdiagnosis can be devastating and can lead to delays in you receiving the correct treatment. By way of example, we have recently helped one man whose Hodgkin’s lymphoma was misdiagnosed, meaning effective treatment was delayed for several years.

Making a claim against the NHS can seem daunting, but if you’ve suffered a misdiagnosis, you have the right to claim. Medical negligence litigation aims to put things right not just for the individual, but also acts to improve safety standards throughout the NHS.

How to make a claim

If you’ve suffered an NHS misdiagnosis, it’s important to contact us to discuss your case as soon as possible. At Patient Claim Lime, we take away the stress of pursuing a claim, supporting you throughout the entire process.

Submitting your claim is easy. You can get in touch with our expert legal team for free on 0330 107 5323, or you can complete our online claim form.