Rahman Spire Hospital recall is rocking victims’ trust
27th January, 2020

Patient Claim Line Litigation Executive Rikki Spofforth believes the Habib Rahman Spire Hospital scandal is rocking patient trust. Rikki has been keeping abreast of developments involving Spire Healthcare’s review of orthopaedic surgeon, Habib Rahman.

In light of new allegations, the private healthcare provider has recalled over 200 patients in writing over fears of clinical negligence.

Rikki said:

“When you hear that Mr Rahman continued operating, despite numerous concerns, would you continue to place your trust in the hospital and take up their offer of further review?

“Or, would you seek an alternative opinion elsewhere? If you are then advised differently, could you trust any consultant fully now that your faith in the profession is rocked?”

“This also raises the question as to where these patients will now go.

“Will they approach their local NHS hospital if there is a need for revision surgery?

“Unfortunately, revision surgery is often much more complicated than primary procedures, and therefore more frequently performed in the public sector (under the NHS) rather than private setting.”

Investigations into evasive and “unnecessary” surgery

An investigation into Rahman’s surgeries first came to light after a 52-year-old patient received a letter inviting her to a meeting at the hospital.

Patient X underwent two procedures in 2017 after she developed carpal tunnel syndrome,

Unfortunately, neither of the operations were successful.

Patient X then met with the hospital and was told by another orthopaedic surgeon that both procedures had been unnecessary.

Furthermore, her care should have been undertaken in the outpatient’s department.

Negligent surgery; knowing where to turn

Since then, Spire has reached out to all 217 individuals operated on by Rahman.

Should they choose, they will receive a consultation with an independent surgeon to assess their recovery.

Rikki acknowledges that for the patients and families affected, knowing where to turn can be the first step towards justice.

Rikki continued:

“Sadly, this is yet another example of a consultant in private (and public) health care who seems to have been able to operate despite queries over their standard of work being raised.

“After working on a number of files against other so-called ‘rogue’ surgeons, such as the disgraced colorectal surgeon Mr Antony Dixon, I now have a small but significant insight into the anguish over 200 people are experiencing.

“I hope they all receive the very best care that Spire can give to them from hereon in so as to minimise, as best as possible, any potential worries they now have.”

Mr Rahman’s full licence was withdrawn in June 2019 and he is currently under investigation by the General Medical Council.

Of the many allegations against the surgeon, “unnecessary and inappropriate” surgery leads the charges.

If you feel as though you have suffered any medical negligence in relation to surgery, then please visit our negligent surgery claims page to find out more information