Assisted Delivery Errors

We've got your claim for errors during assisted delivery covered

Assisted delivery errors

When contemplating pregnancy, the least enjoyable part of it all for most women will be the delivery. It is therefore understandable that the delivery is met with a large amount of trepidation and in some situations it may not be possible to have a natural birth – even though it may not have been planned that way. An assisted birth may have to be carried out whereby additional tools are used by the doctor to aid in the process.

We entrust doctors to deliver our babies safely and quickly. If you feel that a doctor, midwife or nurse has been negligent to you or your baby in an assisted delivery, you may be able to make a medical negligence claim.

You may be able to claim in the event of:

  • Preventable injuries to the baby or mother during delivery
  • Preventable injuries caused by either the forceps or Ventouse method
  • Damage to the perineum such as cuts and tears

Our legal team are all specialists in medical negligence and will do everything they can to progress a claim for you. We will be able to assess quickly and fairly whether we believe you have a claim, leaving you time to rest and recover.

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