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Mr Prashant Jindal

Patient Claim Line have formed a team of specialists to investigate medical negligence claims made against surgeon Mr Prashant Jindal. It has been alleged that Mr Jindal allowed colleagues who were unqualified to undertake corrective laser vision surgery on two of his patients, who later went on to  develop further complications.

The two patients in question, were treated at Accuvision clinics. In one instance, one patient had received a partially successful laser surgery at Accuvision’s Solihull clinic. Following this treatment, he made complaints about be overcharged for the surgery he received as well as questioning the accuracy of his keratoconus diagnosis.

In the case of the second patient, they received an advanced surgery at the company’s Fulham clinic. After the treatment, the patient reported that they suffered constant pain, photophobia, blurred vision, and further complications following their photorefractive keratectomy procedure.

Mr Jindal has admitted signing consent forms as well as carrying out the treatment and completed surgery reports which indicated he was the surgeon for both patients. Yet, allegations have been made that unqualified colleagues conducted the procedures.

Key allegations

The allegations relate to two patients treated at Accuvision clinics

Allowed unqualified colleagues to carry out corrective laser vision surgery

Falsely signing consent forms to indicate he was the acting surgeon

What happens next?

Mr Jindal is facing 12 charges from the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) tribunal. At present, our specialist team are actively investigating claims made in relation to Mr Jindal. Once there is outcome from the MPTS tribunal, we will provide a further update.

Have you been impacted?

If you or a loved one think you may have received corrective laser vision surgery treatment at an Accuvision clinic or any other centre, which has led to symptoms including blurred vision or intolerance to light, we encourage you to speak with us. Contact us today to discuss a potential claim.

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Our Group Actions team is led by Christian Beadell and Francesca Paul. They are supported by a dedicated team of talented medical negligence solicitors. The team forms part of a wider medical negligence department, with Peter Rigby at the helm. Our Group Actions team specialises in bringing forward collective clinical negligence claims against a single defendant, and have a track record of successfully securing compensation for our clients.

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