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Medical Negligence is the inadequate treatment of a patient by a medical professional, which has led to injury, pain, trauma, or the worsening of an existing medical condition.

Negligence can occur through medical malpractice, incorrect treatment, and unskilled health care professionals; including dentists, nurses, pharmacists and physicians.

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Frequently asked questions

We hear from many people who have suffered, but put off pursuing a claim because they were worried about legal costs and being left out of pocket.

At Patient Claim Line, we don’t want anyone with a possible claim to be put off by the worry of legal fees. That’s why we always work on a no win no fee basis. It’s probably a phrase you have heard a lot, but basically it means exactly that. If you pursue your claim with us, and the claim is not successful, then you walk away without having to pay us a penny. That’s our promise to you.

As well as our fees (which are covered under the no win, no fee), there are other costs that need to be covered. For example, we will need to pay for your Medical records, and may need to get a specialist doctor to draft a report to show what went wrong, and what can be done to put things right.

At Patient Claim Line, we offer all our customers insurance which covers all these costs if the claim does not succeed. Most companies charge up to £900 for this insurance, but at Patient Claim Line, we offer this insurance at no cost to you. We also pay all these fees for you during the case. We never ask for anything upfront and there are no hidden costs or surprises. We explain everything to you, very clearly and in plain English.

By choosing Patient Claim Line, you are guaranteed peace of mind in all areas, at all times. It costs you nothing to find out if you have a claim and even if you don’t have a case, at least you will have asked the question and found out, and it will not have cost you anything. Again, that’s a promise.

Because we are no win no fee and we offer you insurance, it will not have cost you anything if your claim is unsuccessful. However, if you win your case, you will be entitled to compensation. The compensation you receive depends on the length of time you have suffered for, and of course the impact that the error has had on your daily life. Your claim will also include other losses as well as compensation.

If you were unable to work, the team here at Patient Claim Line will recovery any lost earnings for any period you were absent as a result of what happened. You may have needed family and friends to help out, or even professional care, and our team will make sure their time is compensated for as well. Every medical negligence case is different, and unlike a Road Traffic Accident, we cannot easily say what level of compensation you may get.

What we can say is that our specialist medical lawyers will use their experience to make sure that you receive every penny you are entitled to, including any losses you have suffered as a result of the negligence, as well as the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

As a general rule of thumb, you have 3 years from the “date of knowledge” in which to make your claim for Medical Negligence. The “date of knowledge” is the date when you first found out or became aware that a mistake has been made. Often people find out that a mistake has been made straight away, but sometimes a lot of time can pass before anyone admits that something has gone wrong. Remember its not 3 years from when the mistake happened, its 3 years from when you first knew something had gone wrong.

If you or the person the mistake happened to is or was under 18 at the time, the time limit is 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday (i.e. their 21st birthday). If the person the mistake happened to does not have mental capacity, there can be no time limit.

We would always advise you to call if there is any doubt about whether or not you are out of time. It costs you nothing to get some advice from us and its always better to be certain.

If a medical mistake has been made, then usually you will require further treatment. Here at Patient Claim Line, many of our clients are still undergoing treatment when they contact us, and are even still under the care of the same hospital or doctor. Also, you may have already made a complaint and be waiting for a response from the doctor or the hospital in question.

Neither of these things are things you should worry about. Doctors and hospitals have to continue to treat patients professionally at all times, regardless of whether any complaints or claims are made. They cannot refuse to treat you in the future, and cannot refuse ongoing treatment if you want to stay with the same doctor. Most doctors are okay with a second opinion, and indeed care often improves following a claim.

If you have made a complaint, there is nothing stopping you making a claim as well. In our experience people rarely get a satisfactory response, if indeed they get a response at all. Usually, getting our legal team involved is the only way to get your voice heard, or to get someone to even acknowledge that a mistake or error has occurred.

At Patient Claim Line, we are not here to bash the NHS, and most of the service it provides is very good. However, it is important to remember that the NHS does not have a lower duty of care because it is funded by the tax payer. If a mistake or error has occurred which is negligent, then it is your right to make a claim to put things right. You cannot rely on the hospital or doctors to admit that something has gone wrong, or to set things right. You can’t even rely on the regulators or the government, who are failing to be open about the problems, as recent headlines have shown. You can rely on our Medical Lawyers to take on these institutions and get to the truth.

In our opinion, making a claim where an error has occurred is a positive thing, not only to help you personally get your life back on track, but also to prevent the same thing happening to someone else. When you make a claim, the NHS has to examine what happened to you in your individual case, and report back to all hospitals and doctors and recommend how things can be improved to stop what happened to you or a loved one, happening again to someone else. That is part of their claims process. Only by making a claim can you be assured that the NHS has taken notice, and recommended changes to stop this happening again.

Medical negligence takes place when a patient receives care from a medical professional that is substandard and causes some degree of injury or harm. This could mean a previous injury or medical condition worsened due to poor quality care, or a new injury or illness presented after the substandard care was received. Medical negligence comes in several different forms, but all cases of substandard care that fall under this definition involve a failure to provide reasonable care along with harm suffered by the patient. Our experts will advise you whether the standard of care fell short enough to be considered negligent and therefore whether you are able to make a claim.