Was it medical negligence, or just one of those things?

What can I claim for? How much could I get?

Because we are no win no fee and we offer you insurance, it will not have cost you anything if your claim is unsuccessful. However, if you win your case, you will be entitled to compensation. The compensation you receive depends on the length of time you have suffered for, and of course the impact that the error has had on your daily life. Your claim will also include other losses as well as compensation.

If you were unable to work, the team here at Patient Claim Line will recovery any lost earnings for any period you were absent as a result of what happened. You may have needed family and friends to help out, or even professional care, and our team will make sure their time is compensated for as well. Every medical negligence case is different, and unlike a Road Traffic Accident, we cannot easily say what level of compensation you may get.

What we can say is that our specialist medical lawyers will use their experience to make sure that you receive every penny you are entitled to, including any losses you have suffered as a result of the negligence, as well as the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Any questions?

Our team here at Patient Claim Line always work on a no win no fee basis and are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.