Was it medical negligence, or just one of those things?

How do I make a medical negligence claim?

If you are thinking about making a medical negligence claim, it is crucial to contact us to discuss your case as soon as possible, either via phone or through our online claim form. Most of the time, claiming for medical negligence needs to take place within three years from the time you become aware of the problem, which makes it important to get in touch as soon as possible. Once we receive your information, because we’re experts, we can usually advise you very quickly if you have a valid claim. Then, we collect the relevant details about your medical negligence claim and notify the negligent party that claim proceedings have begun.

With the help of our expert solicitors, you will either win your medical negligence claim, typically through a settlement rather than at court, or providing you have cooperated fully with us, you will pay nothing after an unsuccessful claim because of our no win, no fee arrangement. In either case, you can rest assured we will work with you closely through every step of the claims process.

Any questions?

Our team here at Patient Claim Line always work on a no win no fee basis and are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.