Was it medical negligence, or just one of those things?

Is there a difference between medical malpractice and medical negligence?

If you have experienced a negative outcome after receiving medical care, the difference between medical malpractice and negligence may seem unimportant. Often the two terms are seen as one and the same. However, there is technically a difference between the two terms. Medical malpractice is the breach of the duty of care of a medical provider or facility that has an element of intent. For example, a GP that fails to perform a diagnostic test when he or she knows not doing so presents a risk to the patient.

Medical negligence, on the other hand, is a duty of the breach of care from a provider or facility that does not have this sort of intent. For instance, a mistake in a surgical procedure or misdiagnosis that causes harm to the patient but had no apparent intent behind it may fall under medical negligence. Either situation can give rise to a claim and this is something that our experts can advise you on.

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