Claiming for an ill friend or relative

Helping you to support someone through their suffering

Medical Negligence can result in severe illness, or can happen to people who are already under the care of the health system due to an unrelated illness. It is common for families to contact us concerning a relative who is unfortunately too ill to contact us themselves.

About your claim

Whether your loved one is physically too ill to cope with pursuing a case, or you worry that the process of making a claim would be far too stressful for them, we completely understand and therefore look to make the process as simple as possible. It is perfectly fine for them to have someone else deal with everything on their behalf and many people proceed to make a claim in this way.

How do I find out if my relative has a claim?

The process is very simple. The first thing to do is to call us and tell us what happened. Anyone can contact us and make an enquiry on behalf of a loved one. Your call will be treated on a no-win, no-fee basis with no up front fees and you will get dedicated support from the first call.

Our team will ensure that all the relevant information available is obtained from you. Once the team has listened to what has happened and taken all the details they need, these details are passed to our legal team to confirm whether or not your family member or friend has a case.

Our expert lawyers will give you dedicated support from the first call to the handling of your case. We understand how difficult it can be to go through a medical trauma, and how it can be even more traumatic to see a family member suffer as the result of another person’s negligence.

We will let you know as quickly as possible if your loved one has a case and you will be treated in a friendly and caring manner at all times and in the strictest confidence.

Getting permission to act on behalf of your relative

While you can act on behalf of your loved one and deal with everything, the person who has been affected by the negligence will always be our client. Therefore, if possible, it is always preferential to speak to them first, even if it is just for them quickly to say they are happy for you to give instructions from that point on.

First steps to a claim

Once it has been established that your relative has a potential case, we are happy to continue to deal with you on their behalf:

  • We always send someone out to go through the paperwork with you. It’s a 10-15 minute appointment that we arrange at a convenient time (including evenings or weekends) and place (doesn’t have to be your own home for example). Ideally, the person whose case it is will need be there for the appointment with you and sign the paperwork.
  • If they have mental capacity, but are physically unable to properly sign the paperwork, it is perfectly acceptable for them to just ‘make their mark’ with a pen with you in attendance. If that is still physically too much, we can sort out authority for you to formally act on their behalf and sign documents for them. This is something we can discuss with you when you contact us.
  • Within the paperwork, we can include an authority for them to sign/make their mark on, confirming they are happy for us to deal with you throughout their case.
  • After that we can deal with you for the whole process and speak to you about all matters on the case including updates, timescales, information requests, etc.
  • The person whose case it is will still have to sign documents and if asked (and physically able) attend any doctors appointments for assessment. Clients only attend appointments once the legal team are happy there is a good chance of success with the case, and again this is always as local and as convenient as possible. It is sometimes possible for the doctor to come to them. Again, you are fine to attend any appointments with them.
  • We always work on a no win no fee basis, and guarantee that if the case is not successful then you will not have to pay a penny. This is the same whether the claim is for yourself or on behalf of someone else. It costs nothing to find out if there is a case.


Our legal team will be with you every step of the way and will make sure you understand everything about the claim in plain English. We ensure that any compensation covers costs you may overlook such as specialist equipment, rehabilitation needs, loss of earnings and ongoing care.

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