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Importance of Back Health

Keeping a good level of health is something we all know and understand to continue to be healthy, but how much attention do you pay to the health of your spine? Perhaps you have experienced the odd twinge or niggle, or you are finding that your back feels stiff after long periods of sitting.

Exercise and diet are often the first things people consider when they decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle. These factors are obviously important for your overall health but will make little impact on the health of your spine. According to Homewood Chiropractic It is important to keep your spine healthy as it is a key part of your ling-lasting healthy. They continue to say that “the more you neglect your spine, the more likely it is to give out on you when you need it the most due to physical activity or stress. Added stress on a weakened spine can overwhelm your nervous system and contribute to long term health problems.”


Causes Of Back Pain

According to the NHS, back pain can be very common. especially in the lower back, yet this pain usually goes after a few weeks.

The NHS lists several causes of back pain, some of which may not be obvious, these include:

The NHS also states that in rare circumstances, back pain could also be an indication of more serious issues such as a broken bone, cancer, or infection.


How To Ease Back Pain?

According to Votarol keeping yourself active is one of the best thing you can to relieve the pain in your back . When engaging in any physical activity it is important to listen to our bodies, and not to push ourselves further than is comfortable – but certainly some light exercise can help.

Voltarol also offer some ideas of gentle exercises that can help toease your back pain,These include:

  • Walking
  • Taking a break from long periods of sitting e.g whilst at work
  • Stretching
  • Swimming
  • Strengthening your core

If you are curious about purchasing a product to help relieve your back pain, Voltarol offers a quick quiz to point toward the correct product based on your symptoms.


Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Being in the correct sitting position at your workplace or at your workstation is essential to your health. According to the Health & Safety Executive continued periods using computer workstations and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) can be connected to pain felt in the neck, back and shoulders. They also state that this can also lead to stress, fatigue, and temporary eye strain.

HSE provides a checklist to enable DSE assessments to be carried out, ensuring the correct practises are in place. You can also read through the checklist yourself to ensure you are seated in the correct position and take required steps to ensuring you are minimising your risk of suffering from back pain related to you working position.


Legal Support

If you are not offered reasonable care or advice around the health of your spine, and this results in the worsening of a condition or the start of an ailment that could have been prevented, you might be eligible for legal support. Legal support of this nature would include advice on what your next steps are and support in making a claim. We can offer you an extensive legal support team, who will obtain medical records and research your claim in further detail.  We will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that you receive the maximum level of compensation you are entitled to.




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